ChiPE results aim to be widespread not only at a scientific level but particularly at a social level. Reaching a wide audience of social and political actors, teachers, families, communities  among others, is essential to educational research for serving the public good. It is not a body of knowledge that remains unexploited but we aim to build sound knowledge that can underpin the political recommendations needed to improve the existing educational contexts.

  • Cambridge Festival of Ideas. When I was 8 I read The Odyssey! Using the classics to unveil children’s knowledge. Monday 27 October: 5:00pm – 6:30pm.
  • ChiPE Workshops. Presentation of the research results addressed to undergraduate and graduate students.
  • International ChiPE webinar. Presentation of the results to school teachers and families as well as officers in the area or policy makers.
  • ChiPE clips. Participants’ voices about what their participation in the project has meant for them and what they think that can be reached through the ChiPE project.

The schools participating in the research will be encouraged to share the research results and discuss them with theur communities. The context of the schools and their communities becomes crucial to further disseminate the results of the project.