Come and hear from researchers as they present the children and parents who have participated in dialogic gatherings, building self-confidence and improving literacy skills. The children will share their own experiences inspired by classical literature.

Is true love when people have to go way for such a long time like Odysseus did? Do people risk their own life to save others like Scheherazade did when telling the King stories for 1001 nights? Like them all we have to make important decisions in our lives. A 11 year old child will talk about these big discussions with his classmates while discussing classics in the dialogic literary gatherings (DLG).

In the DLG they go beyond simply telling stories to consider morals and values arising from the book and almost all the children could feel that their ideas were recognised and valued. The DLG has taken place as part of a project Children’s personal epistemologies: capitalising children’s and families’ knowledge in schools towards effective learning and teaching (ChiPE). It aims to enhance an inclusive epistemic climate that brings closer knowledge from children’s out-of-school experience to classroom knowledge.

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